About Me

Aryan Jalan

Hey Reader, This is Aryan Jalan engineer who happened to become a Marketer.

I’ve been working as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Pixpa (SaaS startup) since August 2019, who is provisioning an all-in-one platform to create beautiful, professional portfolio websites, client galleries.

I’ve done a ton of different things like increasing traffic organically via search engine optimization, inbound lead generation from blogs, social media management for brand awareness, and doing tons of research.

From this blog, I’m trying to help individuals to know more about all startups’ history, business models, and their funding and more in a brief and crispy way.

If you’re going for an interview just check out my Indian Startups Case Study section and read about that specific startup and its competitors. I’m sure that will definitely help you increase your chances of the selection.


Feedback and suggestions are one of the most important ingredients for the way to the ladder of success.

Have any suggestions or feedback, shoot a mail at [email protected] or ping me on LinkedIn.