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In today’s era, either professional or businessmen, everyone wants to connect with this world via digital means. That’s the reason the Digital Marketing Industry and digital marketing courses are now booming, and it also brings new jobs and opportunities in the global world. On one side this will also be impacting the traditional marketing methods but also gives something new opportunities for the young professionals and the learners where they explore this world.

Now your digital presence is used as a status symbol, either you talked about TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc or a website for the bloggers, portfolio for freelancers, and business websites for businesses. 

Note: My learning for digital marketing is to be done majorly through the various digital marketing courses platform who are providing excellent content to learn about it at no cost i.e. free knowledge… So I just suggest you explore the useful resources and learn from them… the only thing you’ve to do it to go search and learn and repeat the process and implement it practically as well.

Digital Marketing Paid courses are in much demand… But I still want to tell you if you’re looking for certification in digital marketing as well. You can create your website, Facebook page, Insta page, etc as a portfolio and apart from that, you can also check out these free courses that help you to learn digital marketing for free. You just have to pay for two things i.e, time not money because time is more precious than money.

Here’s a list of best digital marketing courses for free:

1. Google Digital Marketing Courses: Google offers a variety of courses for youngsters, small and medium businesses as well. Their courses help us to learn in details about the google marketing tools and also how to use it in a very efficient way

a. Google Analytics
b. Google Ads
c. Google Ads Manager
d. Google My Business
e. Google Marketing Platform
f. Google Ad Mob
g. Authorized Buyers

Google Skill Shop Image

All these courses you’ll find by following the link: https://skillshop.withgoogle.com

h. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalunlocked/course/digital-marketing

Also check out more Google Online Marketing courses and personality development and other courses: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/courses

Apart from that, you can also check out Google Ad Grant Online Marketing Challenge (OMC) to showcase your digital marketing skills by working with NGOs.

Google gives you an up to $10,000 to spend for the NGO’s. It will give students a real marketing experience by showing their creativity. Don’t worry it’s not much advance and you’ll get a certification by working for 4 weeks only.

2. Hubspot Marketing Certifications: There’re lots of certifications provided by Hubspot to enhance the skills with the current trends in the industry globally. These courses help to learn in-depth about marketing, strategies, sales, customer service, and much more.

They provide certifications that are valid globally and you can also add it to your LinkedIn Profile to boost your LinkedIn profile.

a. Content Marketing Certification
b. Inbound Marketing
c. Email Marketing
d. SEO Training Course
e. Contextual Marketing
f. Social Media

I’ve also taken content marketing, inbound marketing, and email marketing certifications from Hubspot. Their instructors are really good and you’ll understand all their language if you know some Hindi and are familiar with English.

Check all courses offered by Hubspot: https://academy.hubspot.com/courses
If you’re only looking for certifications, check out Hubspot certification courses, click here

3. E-Marketing Institute: It was started by Thomas Jaskov, an experienced Senior SEO & Google Ads (AdWords) Specialist at Jaskov Consult ApS with more than 10 years of experience.

You can join it by signup in their portal and learn all digital marketing skills like,

a. SEO,
b. Social Media Marketing,
c. Affiliate Marketing,
d. Blogging,
e. Search Engine Marketing,
f. E-commerce Marketing,
g. Online Marketing
h. Web Analytics

You can also check their eBooks here, these are also completely free.

More details about its certification: There are 50 multiple choice questions in each exam. You need a score of 50% to pass (i.e. you need to answer correctly on a minimum of 25 out of 50 questions). After you pass, you can download your Professional Certification, which includes your name, course name, and date of completion.

4. SM Study Certifications from Udemy: Udemy is one of the leading marketplaces for e-learning. You can get free as well as paid courses from 1000’s of courses provided by 100’s of the instructors.

SM Study is one of the most rated free digital marketing courses in Udemy. SM Study educated more than 400,000 students across the globe. This course will also help you to get all the basic details of digital marketing.
You can check it out by clicking the link below

5. Alison Digital Marketing Certification: It is also one of the best platforms to gain knowledge related to digital marketing.
You can check all the details here: https://alison.com/courses/marketing

6. Facebook Online Marketing Courses: Facebook also offers a wide variety of free marketing courses that help you to build your online presence on Facebook and Instagram.

a. Essential Guide to Facebook Ads
b. How to create your Facebook page to grow your business
c. Essential Guide to Facebook page posts
d. Grow your business with Instagram
e. How to connect with a customer on Instagram
f. How to run ads on Facebook and Instagram
g. Essential guide to finding the visuals for your ads and many more.

Learn all the above courses for free by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn

7. Learn Digital Marketing by Digital Deepak: Yes you can learn by Deepak sir, he’s the first person from who I learned about digital marketing from their Youtube channel in 2017-18. After watching a few detailed videos, I can understand what is a digital marketing and now I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist 🙂

Check out his Youtube channel and learn all it’s free and if you think you’ll have to pay, you can join his paid internship where you get a chance to work with Deepak Sir and his core team.

Now the question arises that all are providing the same courses so which one I’ll choose?

So my suggestion is first you’ll find out in which you’re interested like in SEO for organic growth, paid ads of Google or Facebook, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

And if you’ll not able to find from which one you should start then my recommendation is start with SEO from E-Marketing Institute and Hubspot.

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Some bonus tips to enhance your digital marketing knowledge by reading:

  1. Ahref Blog
  2. Semrush Blog
  3. Moz Blog
  4. Seo Review Journal
  5. Search Engine Watch
  6. Neil Patel Blog
  7. Hubspot Blog
  8. Google Webmaster Central Blog
  9. Search Engine Land

You can also follow John Muller on twitter to stay updated with all major and minor updates by Google. It’ll help in your interviews as well and help you to understand the trending things that you must know before starting your professional journey in digital marketing.

That is one of the best collections of free and best digital marketing material in the world. All the best digital marketing sources I know I shared all…if you still have any questions or suggestions just email me on hello@aryanjalan.in.