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India’s Best Digital Marketers You Must Follow In 2022

The Digital Marketing Industry has been booming from the last 10 years. Nowadays, It’s one of the most demanded skills in the field of marketing.

Every digital marketer’s journey is different. This article is curated with the list of best digital marketers from India, to whom we should inspire, learn, and apply. They’re also helping us for free from various digital mediums like YouTube channel. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Let’s get started,

Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju - Digital Marketer

Deepak Kanakaraju is the cofounder of Pixel Track Digital. He’s known as a Digital Deepak in the world of digital marketing. He’s having more than 6 years in the digital marketing industry and also worked with various Indian startups like RazorPay, Practo, Digital Vidhya, Instamojo, and many more as a digital marketing manager.

He also shares this learning for free through it’s Youtube channel and his Or you can also join his paid internship program to learn about digital marketing with practical knowledge. During the internship you’ll get a assignment and after completion of each assignment some amount of money will be refunded, Sound’s Interesting! let’s join to know more.

Also, check out his interesting journey of starting his journey as a digital marketer.

You can follow him on LinkedIn,

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Aggarwal - Pro Blogger

Harsh Agarwal is one of the Top Professional Bloggers and a founder of an award-winning blog Shoutmeloud. He’s an engineer by education and a full-time blogger by profession. 

He’s having more than 10 years of experience in the blogging industry and he loves to write about blogging, SEO, WordPress, earning money tips on his most popular blog

Harsh Agarwal Sir journey is also very interesting, you can check out on his blog, And if you want to know more about him, you can also check out his personal website,

You can follow him on Twitter,

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is the blogger, speaker, and influential digital marketer. He’s also the founder of and His blog helps and guides more about the blogging world and Its product schema ninja is a WordPress plugin that helps to get more sales and traffic to your website.

He’s having more than 8 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. He’s sharing his experience with his blog and he’s also taking interviews with world best digital marketers. So You must check out his blog if you want to explore more about the blogging and digital marketing world.

Follow him on LinkedIn-

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Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale is the founder of DMatic Digital. He started his digital marketing journey in 2004 when digital marketing is known as Internet Marketing.

Currently, he’s on a mission to help young aspirants to learn digital marketing. You can check out his Youtube channel. One interesting thing is, before 6 months in the competitive niche when 1000’s of other digital marketing content is available on youtube. He still got success in finding more than 90,000 subscribers in less than 6-8 months and more than 2 million views on his videos.

You can also follow him on LinkedIn,

Bhavik Sarkhedi

Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of India’s highest reviewed content marketing agency Write Right (link Alongside, Bhavik Sarkhedi has co founded Dad of Ad, 360 degree digital marketing company and Estorytellers, a full fledged content marketing agency.

Bhavik has published 4 books till date out of which The Unproposed Guy and The Weak Point Dealer are reputed names that has garnered quite a buzz. When he’s not doing Marketing online, he reads about psychology, science fiction and philosophy.

With 8 full years of experience in the industry, Bhavik Sarkhedi, at 28, is currently one of the youngest Digital Marketers in India who represents India among globally acclaimed professionals.

He is officially listed in ‘Best content Writers in the world’ when you Google it. Starting from Content Writing to digital marketing, his journey is full of content centric paradigms.

You can follow him on LinkedIn,

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is the founder of and He’s having more than 6 years of experience in internet marketing and now he shares most of his experiences and knowledge on his YouTube channel “Amit Mishra (Tryootech). His interview series with other digital marketers on his YouTube are very insightful and knowledgeable.

Do check out his YouTube channel:

You can also follow him on LinkedIn:

Gautam Kalal

Gautam Kalal

Gautam Kalal is the founder of RocketScienceIdea and having an experience of more than 15 years in the digital industry. He belongs to a very small village in Udaipur.

He started his journey from canteen boy and now Gautam Kalal is the CEO and working with 200+ clients across the globe. He works in many fields in his career like website designing, marketing, branding, business strategies in various companies in his corporate career.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn:

Sourabh Bhatnagar

Sourabh Bhatnagar

Sourabh Bhatnagar is one of the best Internet marketer and a business mentor. He and his younger brother Rahul Bhatnagar having a very inspirational success journey.

They both started their journey by selling coupon booklets in their initial days in their home town(Dehradun). And now they’re launching different types of software as a service(SAAS) and selling in the International market and earning in dollars.

So are you excited to know more about him, check his website.

They both had a very inspirational journey, you can watch this video,

Follow him on linkedIn:-

Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra is the serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Digital Vidya. It is one of the best digital marketing, big data, and data analytics institutes in India.

He’s also one of the most sought-after international speakers in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

You can follow him on LinkedIn,

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is an author, trainer, and founder of digital marketing agency named echoVME and a Digital Scholar (Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai).

He started his journey at an age of just 17 as an SEO Executive. And now he’s having more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing world. He shared his knowledge from his youtube channel, Instagram, and his blog He’d also made a few free and paid courses on Udemy you must check out if you’re looking for it.

You can also follow him on LinkedIn,

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Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah is the founder and CEO of Digital learning and marketing Defynd. It’s one of the best digital market networks that help us in finding new jobs in digital marketing.

He’s also having more than 8 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He also worked with digital vidhya as a digital marketer trainer for 4 years during the interval of 2013 to 2017.

Check out his startup and also follow him on LinkedIn,

Wait…list is still missing many more great Indian Digital Marketers, so if you didn’t find your favorite one and think it should be in the list, just email…[email protected] and we’ll try to add it asap.

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