Startup Ideas That Works Post COVID-19 In India – 2024

Start ideas in india after lockdown

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The pandemic COVID-19 brings a phase of a new world, we can call it as a Digitally connecting world. Now, because of social distancing, we can’t meet our loved ones physically but we can connect with them via social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp. However, it’s a curse for traditional businesses while a boon for digital businesses.

This opens opportunities for the new generation to innovate. Startup’s industry or businesses who are starting now with the digitalization and working ruggedness to grow and if they are doing according to the present market then they will get unexceptional outputs in the future.

This article is for our upcoming entrepreneurs who want to start their business but not getting any idea where to start. This pandemic is boon for someone while a curse for most of them. So here’s a point that arises, what business or startup we should start that’ll help us in this pandemic.

We’ve curated the list of some ideas that you can start today with low investment and if it is done with the right market research, proper strategies, and planning. You can make it a big venture in the future.


Blogging is one of the fastest-growing and favorable careers option for today’s youth. You can start it by sharing your knowledge and experience through writing. And you can monetize it with various options like affiliate marketing, run ads, etc.

According to Google,

What is Blog?

There are varieties of blogs that you can start now as per your interest,

  • Food Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Personal Blog

Online Teaching(Ed-tech startups)

Education industry never got affected in any crisis. Whenever crises happen people invest more in learning. So, here’s a great opportunity for the professional and for educators(teachers). Let’s try to start your online classes for your students from your home.

If you’re a professional and want to help the upcoming professionals you can also start your classes via YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom Classes. You’ve 2 options: either you should provide your knowledge and skills for free through YouTube, Zoom, and Facebook to the students or you can also monetize it by charging a small fee from them.

Currently, there’re thousands of professionals providing knowledge with their paid courses as well as free on YouTube. Unacademy is one of them, who’s helping students for free from their platform.

One of my friends (a Taekwondo trainer), also stuck with this pandemic and struggle for 2-3 months but now he’s started his online Taekwondo class from home with his phone. Now he’s earning more than 10k/month. So if he can with very limited resources you can also start it with just your phone and help the students.

Art and Craft (handmade manufacturing)

I’m sure your mother and sister are very creative and loved to decorate the house with their creativity. They made so many things from very less resources (In India, we call it a JUGAAD).

So this is the best time to commercialize it, you can make similar products and sell in your neighborhood and through your Whatsapp group. If things go well and are loved by your neighbors your business will get boosted automatically and then you can make it your full-time family business.

Some examples are you can work on special occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc by offering homemade sweets and other dishes. Also, start your bakery if you’re good at making Cakes.

eCommerce and Doorstep Delivery

eCommerce is growing exponentially all over the world. After this global pandemic, eCommerce demand is rising much faster because of lockdown.

Customers are also preferring doorstep delivery instead of going to the market. It saves everyone’s time and creates at least 1 more job for a delivery boy.

If you have a local shop then it’s the best time to take your business towards digitalization. We’re not saying you should start with an eCommerce store with lots of marketing and advertising budget. While you can also start by taking orders on Whatsapp when the things are growing then you can make a complete digital store in the future.

You can also use Omni channel marketing strategies to grow your business. Amazon, Flipkart and many other top eCommerce platforms using the same strategies that helps them to sustain in this market.


People started earning a good amount of money with YouTube nowadays. For many of them, it’s a full-time career and they’re earning in lakhs. Because YouTube has become one of the sources of entertainment, news, and all social updates after the digital evolution.

Yes, you read it right, peoples are earning in lakhs with their YouTube channel. If you’re also a creative, hard-working, and disciplined person you can also earn a good amount of money with it. If you have some knowledge of video editing it’ll give you an advantage(plus point) but there are many YouTubers who are earning more than 50 thousand per month with only a phone camera.

“Your growth depends on your hard work and passion and consistency towards your work.”

Digital Marketing and Website Development Agency(or as a Freelancer) 

Now, all want to go digital because it helps to reach globally and it also opens endless opportunities for any business or startup.

So, businesses and startups need digital consultation, websites, and mobile apps. If you’re an experienced professional in website designing, mobile app development, or a digital marketing professional. You can help as a freelancer or work with a team as a digital marketing and web development agency. So this is a great time for you to start your career in it.

Tip: If you’ve some knowledge about website development and want to learn digital marketing for free and then help your local businesses to create a complete digital presence. Must check out my article on Free Digital Marketing Courses by Google, Facebook, Hubspot.

I’m assuming you’ll get some ideas about which type of business you can start but if you are still figuring out and have some money so you can launch your online product and help the businesses and individuals with your product.

SaaS Product/Tool

SaaS is termed as Software as a Service. You can make a product that’ll help the businesses and individuals in their day to day life or solve some complex problems like video editing, image designing, website builder, email marketing tool, image background removal, social media management tool, etc. this list is endless. I’ve just mentioned the products which are already in the market. You can also make similar products if you can give better service and a competitive price.

Nowadays it is one of the fastest-growing cloud computing industries in the global market.

Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle are few of the world-leading SaaS Products. But don’t worry, there are thousands of small products made every day and you can take some ideas from Product Hunt for your inspiration.

One of the major disadvantages of SaaS business, you should have some technical knowledge to make an awesome technological product or have a team of technical background people who love to solve the problems.

Conclusively, economies are uncertain towards growth and business, so as I mentioned the industries are one of the growing startups in this pandemic and making this cloud of crisis into the shine of sun to bring some innovation become a successful entrepreneur.
I think now you are getting the overview, how to make this crisis as an opportunity to get an exponential boom in your business/career. Because of many businesses like Byju, Unacademy, Bigbasket, Grofers, and many more who did a very fantastic job and took this pandemic as a great lesson rather than just thinking about the future.

So finally if you get some ideas for your business, or things that it’ll help your friends and family, please share it with your friends and colleagues and help them in the global pandemic.