ZYPP (Mobycy) Case Study – India’s 1st Dockless Bicycle Sharing App

Zypp case study

Introduction of Zypp

Zypp(Mobycy) is a Gurugram based Dock-less bicycle sharing application that allows users to book and ride e-scooters and bicycles. It was founded by Mr. Akash Gupta and Mrs. Rashi Agarwal in August,2017. You can easily book your ride with their application in just a few seconds.

Zypp helps you to cover your nearest mile in minutes without getting stuck in a traffic jam.

zypp founder - akash gupta

About Zypp funding rounds

Zypp got a total funding of 10.5 Million dollars till Feb,2020.

They got their first seed funding from an unknown investor of $500K in 25th November, 2017.

After that, they get an undisclosed amount from angel investors from 5 investors Ayush Agarwal, Venture Catalysts, Gaurav Juneja, Bhasker Raju, Syed Faiz in 1st November, 2018.

Then again they got $2,000,000 from IAN Fund and Venture Catalysts in 14th November, 2019.

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Services offered by Zypp

How Zypp works

  1. Just download the app from playstore/app store.
  2. Register with your phone number.
  3. Then take your selfie or an photo of your college/company I-Card
  4. Link any of your payment methods Paytm, Mobikwik, GooglePay, Debit Card/Credit Card etc.
  5. Select your nearbuy cycle/e-bike 
  6. Reach your pickup point, scan the QR code and your ride starts
  7. Enjoy your journey.

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Now, Zypp is getting almost 13 thousand traffic per month organically with more than 1600 backlinks to their 46+ pages. (As per Ahrefs.com)

Here is the organic traffic growth chart of Zypp since January 2020.

Organic traffic growth chart of Zypp

Top Performing Pages of Zypp in July 2023.

Top Performing Pages of Zypp
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Business Model of Zypp

Zypp works on recurring models. You can take their bicycle, or scooter for a few minutes, hours or even for a day. And for that you’ve to pay a specific amount to them as a rental fee.

How Zypp earns

Zypp earns a small amount from you on each ride taken.

More about Zypp

Mobycy was recently awarded the “Best Mobility Start-up in India” by Niti Ayog.

Main Competitors of Zypp

Yulu, Juno, etc.