ZYPP (Mobycy) Case Study – India’s 1st Dockless Bicycle Sharing App

Zypp case study

Introduction of Zypp

Zypp(Mobycy) is a Gurugram based Dock-less bicycle sharing application that allows users to book and ride e-scooters and bicycles. It was founded by Mr. Akash Gupta and Mrs. Rashi Agarwal in August,2017. You can easily book your ride with their application in just a few seconds.

Zypp helps you to cover your nearest mile in minutes without getting stuck in a traffic jam.

zypp founder - akash gupta

About Zypp funding rounds

Zypp got a total funding of 10.5 Million dollars till Feb,2020.

They got their first seed funding from an unknown investor of $500K in 25th November, 2017.

After that, they get an undisclosed amount from angel investors from 5 investors Ayush Agarwal, Venture Catalysts, Gaurav Juneja, Bhasker Raju, Syed Faiz in 1st November, 2018.

Then again they got $2,000,000 from IAN Fund and Venture Catalysts in 14th November, 2019.

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Services offered by Zypp

How Zypp works

  1. Just download the app from playstore/app store.
  2. Register with your phone number.
  3. Then take your selfie or an photo of your college/company I-Card
  4. Link any of your payment methods Paytm, Mobikwik, GooglePay, Debit Card/Credit Card etc.
  5. Select your nearbuy cycle/e-bike 
  6. Reach your pickup point, scan the QR code and your ride starts
  7. Enjoy your journey.

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Business Model of Zypp

Zypp works on recurring models. You can take their bicycle, scooter for a few minutes, hours or even for a day. And for that you’ve to pay a specific amount to them as a rental fee.

How Zypp earns

Zypp earns a small  amount from you on each ride taken.

More about Zypp

Mobycy was recently awarded the “Best Mobility Start-up in India” by Niti Ayog.

Main Competitors of Zypp

Yulu, Juno, etc.

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