Khatabook Growth Story – Business Model, How They Started, Fundings & Much More

KhataBook Story

Khatabook is one of the favorite apps for MSME businesses. It has been downloaded 5 Crores of times. The Khatabook mobile app helps small businesses and shopkeepers manage their customer debits and credits in one place.

Khatabook App sends a WhatsApp and SMS notification to the customer when the transaction happens, the money is due, or the payment is to be collected.

It works like a digital ledger book (Bahi-khata). You can access your business transactions from anywhere on any device.

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History Of Khatabook: How Khatabook Started

Khatabook was founded by Ashish Sonone, Dhanesh Kumar, Vaibhav Kalpe (not serving now), Jaideep Poonia, and Ravish Naresh in 2018..

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In 2016, Ravish created an app named (digital expense manager) with his college friends. This app gained good traction initially but didn’t scale as expected.

While researching, they found that their major customers are from non-metropolitan cities. And all of them use traditional methods to manage their daily business transactions in the bahi Khata.

Ravish and his friends saw a great opportunity to work around it with more focus and created a cash management application named Khatabook. This is how the Khatabook brand started. This idea quickly gained a lot of traction from the market.

Now, Khatabook is getting almost 1.2 Million traffic per month organically with more than 4 thousand backlinks to their 6800+ pages. (As per

Here is the organic traffic growth chart of Khatabook since May 2019.

Top Performing Pages of Khatabook in July 2023.

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Funding Rounds Of Khatabook

Khatabook raises total funding of $187 million in 5 rounds.

Funding TypeYear of FundingAmount of FundingContributed Investors
Seed FundingApril, 20191.5 Million DollarsSurge (Company)
Series A RoundOctober, 201925 Million DollarsMultiple Investors
Venture RoundMarch, 2020Amount Not DisclosedMahendra Singh Dhoni
Series B RoundMay, 202060 Million DollarsB Capital Group
Series C RoundAugust, 2021100 Million DollarsMoore Strategic Ventures, Tribe Capital, and nine more
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Khatabook App Features

Khatabook has some of the best features that help small business owners send free payment reminders, are available in 12 regional languages, manage your GST and without GST invoices, and more.

Let’s understand its features and benefits in more detail,

Get a fast return on credits with free payment reminders: With the payment reminder feature, customers receive an SMS whenever they transact with your business.

Safe and secure: You can manage all your business transactions from your mobile device without hassle.

Manage Credit Accounts: It is easy to manage your customer credit accounts without worrying about missing the details, even if something bad happened with your phone. It also takes a backup, so you can access all the details anywhere as soon as you log in.

Available in 12 Indian languages: Khata Book is available in Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, and many more popular Indian languages.

Apart from these great features, it offers three products to make your business hassle-free.

  • Pagarkhata: It helps businesses manage your employee payroll easily. Pagarkhata simplifies tracking attendance, calculating salaries, and handling payroll records, ensuring employees get paid accurately and on time. This reduces manual errors and saves businesses time.
  • Cashbook: This helps businesses manage their daily cash flow, keep accurate financial records, and ensure effective cash management.
  • Biz Analyst: It is a SaaS business management solution by Khatabook. It integrates with Tally ERP9 and helps businesses analyze their sales, purchase, and inventory data more easily.

Khatabook Business Model: How Khatabook Earns?

Khatabook operates on a freemium business model (like a SaaS). Previously, it started with a similar business model to Cred.

Khatabook is free for all businesses. However, it also offers a paid plan with Khatabook Pro (starting cost Rs. 1874 + 18% GST for a year). You can check when you log in. But we’ve also added a screenshot below.

Khatabook Pricing Plan

Apart from the Khatabook Pro, they have one more popular tool, Biz Analyst, for managing your business operations like a pro on your mobile phone. Its prices start from Rs. 3300 + GST for a year.

Khatabook Pricing Plan

Along with these two platforms, Khatabook also offers loans to business owners with a nominal interest rate of 1.75% to 2% per month without any collateral. For more details, you can visit here:

Khatabook Pricing Plan

Competitors Of Khatabook

Khatabook competes with many other fastest-growing startups and companies that provide similar digital bookkeeping and business management solutions.

  • OkayCredit
  • Vyapar
  • RazorpayInstamojo
  • Paymate
  • Paytm

Interesting Facts About Khatabook

  • The Khatabook app has 50 million downloads on the Play Store.
  • Khatabook’s app won the Best Innovative Mobile App award at IAMAI 2020.
  • It was named the Winner of the Nasscom League of 10 in the Emerge50 Awards 2020.
  • Through its “Naam Hi Kaafi Hai” campaign, Khatabook highlighted that despite over 60 million MSMEs in India contributing to the nation’s GDP, their struggles, stories, and ambitions often go untold. Khatabook is committed to supporting these businesses and aims to bring their stories to life.
  • Its latest campaign, “Dhande ka Doctor,” launched in September 2021, featured MS Dhoni as the “Dhande ka Doctor.” The campaign showcased how Khatabook’s digital solutions can help businesses tackle various challenges.

Khatabook Contact Details

Head Office: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Email –
Mobile No: +91-9606800800
LinkedIn: (You can also connect with their core team with LinkedIn)

Khatabook – FAQ’s

Who is the founder of Khatabook?

Ravish Naresh, Ashish Sonone, Dhanesh Kumar, Vaibhav Kalpe (not serving now), and Jaideep Poonia in 2018.

Is Khatabook available in regional language?

Yes, Khatabook is available in 10 different Indian regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and many more.

How does Khatabook earn Money?

Currently, Khatabook didn’t make any money from their app.

Is the Khatabook app Free?

Yes, the Khatabook app is currently free for all.

What is the benefit of the Khatabook app?

You can easily manage your daily business transactions.

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