KhataBook Growth Story – Business Model, How They Started, Fundings & Much More

KhataBook Story

KhataBook is also one of the fastest-growing companies in India. KhataBook mobile app helps small businesses to manage their customer debits & credits in one place. it sends the notification to the customer on Whatsapp & SMS when the transaction happened or the money is due or to collect.

It’s working like a ledger book (Bahi-khata) in a digital form & because it’s digital so you can access your business transactions from anywhere with any device.

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KhataBook History: How KhataBook Started

KhataBook was founded by Ashish Sonone, Dhanesh Kumar, Vaibhav Kalpe (not serving now), Jaideep Poonia, and Ravish Naresh in 2018, it helps small business owners to manage their business and personal credits.

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In 2016, Ravish made an app named (digital expense manager) with his college friends. This app got good traction in the initial days but didn’t scale as expected.

And while researching they found that their major customers are from non-metropolitan cities. And all of them use traditional methods to manage their daily transactions in the bahi Khata and they see a great opportunity to work around small businesses and then KhataBook started as a cash management app for small business owners.

Now, Khatabook is getting almost 1.2 Million traffic per month organically with more than 4 thousand backlinks to their 6800+ pages. (As per

Here is the organic traffic growth chart of Khatabook since May 2019.

Top Performing Pages of Khatabook in July 2023.

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KhataBook Fundings

Funding TypeYear of FundingAmount of Funding
Seed FundingApril, 20191.5 Million Dollars
Series A RoundOctober, 201925 Million Dollars
Venture RoundMarch, 202025 Million Dollars
Series B RoundMay, 202060 Million Dollars
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KhataBook App Features

Get fast return on Credits with Free payment reminder – With the payment reminder feature, every time a customer receives SMS after doing any transaction with your business.

It’s safe & secure – You can manage all your business transactions from your mobile device without any trouble.

Manage Credit accounts – Easy to manage your customer credit accounts without worrying about missing the details. Because it also takes a backup, so you can access all the details anywhere at any time.

Available in 10+ Indian languages – KhataBook is available in Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, and many more. And also on Hinglish.

KhataBook Business Mode: How KhataBook Earns?

Khatabook currently does not have any source of income. Khatabook’s business model is very similar to Cred Business Model.

Now the Khatabook is planning to provide the complete financial solution for the small business owners in India.

And as per Economic Times, They recently applied for NBFC(National Banking Financial Corporation). If they get approval from the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) then this will contribute to the revenue of Khatabook.

KhataBook Contact Details

Head Office: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Email –
Mobile No: +91-9606800800
LinkedIn: (You can also connect with their core team with LinkedIn)

KhataBook – FAQ’s

Who is the founder of KhataBook?

Ravish Naresh, Ashish Sonone, Dhanesh Kumar, Vaibhav Kalpe (not serving now), and Jaideep Poonia in 2018.

Is KhataBook available in regional language?

Yes, KhataBook is available in 10 different Indian regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and many more.

How does KhataBook earn Money?

Currently, KhataBook didn’t make any money from their app.

Is the KhataBook app Free?

Yes, the KhataBook app is currently free for all.

What is the benefit of the KhataBook app?

You can easily manage your daily business transactions.

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